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The only time federation is set up to be bidirectional is when both sites are equally secure.The scenario described in Figure 5-18 is an example of a trusted relationship that you would want to go only one way, from Site A to Site B, because Site B is not as secure as Site A.Federation allows a user to associate two accounts with each other.This allows the user to log into one account and access the resources of the other account without logging in to the second account.The attributes from Site A can be used to identify the users at Site B.Other attributes might be needed to access protected resources, for example, to satisfy the requirements of an Identity Injection policy.In this scenario, Site B is not as secure a site as Site A, so federation is configured to go only one way, from Site A to Site B.

The trusted relationship is automatically set up for you when you specify authentication settings for the Access Gateway and select an Identity Server Cluster.Site A must be configured to trust Site B as a service provider, and Site B must be configured to trust Site A as an identity provider.Until this two-way trust is established, federation cannot occur.The centralized user store cant be used, because it can contain only employee accounts.This means that the employee must log in to both accounts to access both the inner Web site and the customer feedback application.

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