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Avatars These are small images/icons included on some Forums whenever you post, to represent you. Never use your actual photograph (or anyone else’s) for your Avatar, don’t use a vulgar image and don’t take images from anywhere online that you do not have permission to use because that could be a breach of someone else’s copyright.Signatures Many online discussion participants use a custom signature.Use your common sense Be careful if you meet someone in real life who you only "know" through text messaging.Even though text messaging is often the "next step" after online chatting, that does not mean that it is safer.You should always follow the basic rules for online safety and Netiquette (online etiquette).It can be very difficult to get a post removed from a Newsgroup or Forum so be careful what you write.Additionally, once you have an image on your phone you can distribute it and/or upload it to the Internet.Once you do that, it is anybody's guess where that image might end up!

Just like e-mail, text messages can be taken the wrong way.if you are not using it, put it in your pocket or your bag, out of sight and only use it in public when absolutely necessary.The basic safety tips and rules apply for most online chat environments.Common sense and caution should always prevail but, there are some slight differences to the way chat rooms and Internet Relay Chat (IRC) operate.:: IM) to send and receive messages and/or files and images, is very similar to using e-mail or SMS messaging and some of the same safety rules apply.

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