Silverlight treeview observablecollection not updating

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If we update any properties of a contained class, it doesn’t raise any notifications. If I have an Observable Collection of Person object and it is bind to a Tree View.If I add or remove person object from the Observable Collection I will be able to see the changes in my Tree View also.Luckily we can trigger the dispatch from an anonymous delegate, so we don’t need to make extraneous methods for these any more.So that’s the basics of the underpinnings of data binding in Silverlight (and thus, in Xaml).

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This will only happen when the Binding Mode is done using One Way (the default), or Two Way.

I don't really understand the explanation from Telerik as to why this happens, and I don't really care - I just want it to work.

But at this point I am completely stuck, and I have a broken Tree View that I am about to abandon for a different vendor's control that can cope with what I am trying to do.

The code that is retrieving the on-demand data is in my View Model, so I don't even have a reference to my Rad Tree View control in this file to call its Update Layout() (this is the correct way to do things in MVVM).

I also don't have access to any of the tree view items (only my Object Explorer Items), so I can't set the Is Expanded property.

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