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The map suggests that income is one of the most important drivers for a region's carbon footprint, with the wealthiest countries the least green.

Large urban areas, such as Greater London, northern Italy and Paris produced huge amounts of greenhouse gases.

A new map has been created to visualise the carbon footprints of countries in the EU.

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They say their findings could help divert carbon dioxide – a major contributor to climate change – from entering the atmosphere.In terms of household averages, the UK was one of the worst offenders, with levels higher than the average household in Spain, France, Sweden and Poland.And on a regional level, the South-west of the UK had the highest levels of emissions, followed by the South-east, the Midlands, Scotland, Wales, and finally the North-east.The researchers say it is now possible to engineer a catalyst to meet those conditions, and that their findings could have “dramatic” positive effect.“Paired with carbon capture technology, this could lead to an incredibly green production mechanism for everyday plastics, meanwhile sequestering harmful greenhouse gases,” the CLS says.

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