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Coordinate : LAT: 40.33814747875697 LNG: 9.606323386230429The domus of Janas Mariughia is located about one kilometer north of Dorgali, on the western side of the so-called "Sa Bobboa" rock.A single-cell type ipogeo, it has the floor plan and a curvilinear vault.The large stele consists of a monolith-trailer, which is dug in the small access door to the burial chamber.The exedra still have some stones stuck as they were originally. The burial chamber is made up of blocks molded as a shoe in the side walls.In 1911 Ettore Pais discovered the Tiscali Village, located on the countryside nearby the towns of Dorgali and Oliena.In 1930s Antonio Taramelli published the first archaeological map of the area and in 1936 Doro Levi discovered the village of Serra Orrios, the largest sardinian nuragic complex.

It is situated in Isportana, on the outskirts of Dorgali.Coordinate : LAT: 0.27858099329554LNG: 9.600986701469424is located on the mountain over the beautiful beach of Cala Fuili.The importance of this site is especially due to the nuragic village Nuragheddu which is one of the largest in Sardinia and is composed of more than 200 huts of various shapes and sizes.The construction of the Dolmen Motorra goes back to the third millennium BC.Coordinate : LAT: 40.30613064177543LNG: 9.57510874889374 Dolmen Monte Longu ("long mountain") is a prehistoric tomb about three kilometers from the municipality of Dorgali.

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