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I was in a reverie of mental fucking when I felt strong hands caressing my body... I felt myself again go over the edge as his cock and thumb brought me to a new height of sexual release... Joe's cock once so magnificently engorged with bl**d as it pounded into my puffy cunt lips, had instantly shrunken to insignificance. I led him by the hand downstairs and out to my car, a vintage 1964 1/2 red Mustang convertible, fully restored.

I could feel my already dripping pussy gush with another river of my cum ... His balls shriveled up into their sack and couldn't be seen. I wondered if I was ever going to make it up off of the floor alive. I locked the door and I started to dial 911, but I was so nervous I kept dropping the damn phone! It wasn't really convertible weather, but I had my instructions.

He reached out and grabbed me by the neck and squeezed, I tried to resist but I couldn't, didn't have the strength. I said out loud, "Well he didn't kill me I see." Saturday morning was busy with the c***dren and their sporting activities, soccer, morning after football practice. I never expected her to actually ever let any man fuck her other than myself, but one has his dreams.

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Joe's face was contorted with pain, humiliation, and a murderously maniacal look. As it warmed up, Joe looked at me with his pleading eyes, that were saying, Don't go.

Has had one very very small issue which is my opinion was not an issue and just a, "she needs how to lean how we work here" once it was fixed everything is perfect.

She does work quite, there is no soft soft nice talk so if GFE is your thing I am not saying don't but do not expect something amazing in this area.

He knelt there between my spread thighs as my cum still poured out of my open and now empty cunthole. One linen coat, one pair of silver sandal pumps, one pair of black thigh high nylons. Per Robert's instructions I sat in my room, wearing the nylons and pumps. Just my jewelry - wedding and engagement rings, anniversary ring, diamond ear studs. I put the car in gear and Joe grabbed my left hand. His fingers were wrapped around mine covering them completely.

His hands clenched and unclenched, as he poured forth an invective of hate. I spent the afternoon in my room thinking about the coming night. Completely that is, except for the gap where the diamonds on my wedding and engagement rings f***ed his fingers apart.

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