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According to Glen Rice, when he was asked about the hookup, he said it was two people meeting and having a good time.

He even mentioned that he continued to talk to her after the meeting took place during the 1987 Great Alaskan Shootout tournament.

This is most evident in the dating histories of some of our favorite NBA superstars.

At the time, dating some of these women probably seemed like a good idea until it turned ugly.

What began as an off-the-wall romance between two completely surprising people, according to people that care about the personal lives of NBA stars, turned into a marriage of lies and even a near-death experience that had ESPN all but announcing that Lamar Odom had passed away. But since we are here covering the NBA side of this, we have to say that Lamar Odom was a bit more embarrassed about this one.

He probably hates answering questions about Khloe, even today, but reporters continue to ask anyways.

The relationship ended abruptly when the rumors started swirling about Nick Young's infidelity issues.

His transgressions eventually led to their breakup after it became public that Iggy found him cheating on her through the security footage in their home.

Not too many people knew about Sarah Palin until she decided to run for Governor of Alaska, and then she won.

She partied and drank to the point where she nearly died.

But to say that Dennis Rodman was embarrassed to have been married to Carmen Electra would not be fair.

The NBA has found itself involved in several scandals over the last several decades.

A few years back, Tim Donaghy became famous for the wrong reasons.

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