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The distributed clock technique enables the axes to be synchronized with a deviation of significantly less than 1 microsecond.

Ether CAT supports almost any topology:line, tree or star.

The Sync Manager is a mechanism to protect data in the DPRAM from being accessed simultaneously.

If the slave uses FMMUs, the Sync Managers for the corresponding data blocks are located between the DPRAM and the FMMU.

Going on analysing the protocol we have to know that Ether CAT commands are transported in the data area of an Ethernet telegram and can either be coded via a special Ether type or via UDP/IP.

While the first variant is limited to an Ethernet subnet the second one, designed for less time-critical applications, enables normal IP routing.

A.4) (Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory, also called Slave Information Interface, SII) contains hardware configuration information for the ESC which is loaded to the ESC's registers during power-up.

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Process data and parameters are exchanged via a DPRAM in the ESC.

Ether CAT is a fast, low cost, and flexible Ethernet network protocol. The computer on which the controller runs is the Master, while devices that make data of connected I/O devices available for the master are called slaves. In 2004, Beckhoff helped to create a new group to promote the Ether CAT protocol and its efforts led to the Ether CAT Technology Group (ETG) to which they donated the rights of Ether CAT too.

The ETG is a global organization in which OEM, End Users and Technology Providers join forces to support and promote the further technology development.

The Fast Ethernet physics enables a cable length of 100 m between devices while the E-Bus line is intended for modular devices.

The size of the network is almost unlimited since up to 65535 devices can be connected. : Ether CAT imposes no restrictions on what can be transmitted into its "data" payload field.

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