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Price told me, "Natalia is like—this is what made me fall in love with her—' As much as we need this money, I don't feel right about it.I don't just want it to go help my daughter, I want it to help all the kids with progeria.

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The Monday before, Natalia and Adalia had gone on KVUE television, Austin's ABC affiliate, to promote it. She'd seen a 2010 episode of in which Barbara Walters asked a 13-year-old British girl with progeria, Hayley Okines, to contemplate her own death."They say to the kids, ' Are you afraid of dying? "Natalie is like, ‘I would punch somebody in the face if they said that to my five-year-old daughter.'"The KVUE segment required no punches.

Ever since, I'd been watching Adalia's situation unravel online, and wanted to write about the child and her young mother in reality, apart from the Internet's fictions.

Since the death threats, Natalia had made it purposely difficult for strangers to reach the family.

(Bling Johnson's 0,000 fundraiser had flatlined at ,952.)Price had built the fundraiser around helping the family.

But then Natalia called her and said she would refuse the money.

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