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Again, the most famous player in the world tries to pull a stunt like that, don’t you think it would be noted in The Bible of Baseball?(By the way, the one thing in Smelser’s telling that is more-or-less correct was that Babe hit an unusually long home run in the game, although in the New York Times story it was the third-inning home run, not the third home run.But did Ruth attempt to bat right-handed against Quinn?The game account in The New York Times makes no reference to it.But that doesn’t mean he didn’t bat right-handed after hitting three home runs.

He couldn’t have come to the plate for the fourth time after hitting three home runs.For the first time in a regular season game he hit three home runs in one game.The third cleared the fence, crossed the street, a house, and two back yards, and landed on the roof of the next house.When Ruth came up in the ninth he faced the right-handed spitball pitcher Jack Quinn.Outraging reason, Ruth decided to bat right-handed against a right-hander.

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