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How we found out that these profiles were using images of amateur porn stars was with a website called Tin

Tin Eye enables anyone to do something called a reverse image search which helps you identify where images on the internet are located.

The reason why they want you to check off that you read the terms and conditions page is because then they can claim that it's your fault that you got scammed, it's your responsibility to read the terms and conditions page and according to their thinking too bad for you if you got scammed.

It's your responsibility to take the time and read through all the jargon on the terms page.

These are paid employees as well as contractors who receive compensation to act as if they're interested in you.

Their whole job description must be to fly and scam you as long as they can.

All we're doing in each review is repeating the same talking points, it's because they're all true. Who knows but for now one thing is for sure and that is you must stay as far away as possible from Mega Flirt.

Here's an overview of the various breaches that have been consolidated into this site.

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They are all the exact same site, the only thing that changes is the domain name and the graphics of the website.

We find it ridiculous that a scam like Mega Flirt can literally tell everyone on their homepage that they are responsible for creating fake profiles and nothing happens to them.

It's beyond Insanity that these kind of cyber crimes are hiding in plain view while the owners are make millions of dollars illegally!

In this part of the investigation we have taken five screenshots of five fake virtual profiles that we found on Mega

What we've also done is included links where you can find the photographs used in these fake profiles.

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