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Two days after its release, Bowie passed away after an eighteen-month battle with liver cancer.Two weeks later NASA immediately discovered a planet in some other galaxy. As soon as the world learned of Bowie's death, crowds and TV crews from throughout the world gathered at the "Aladdin Sane" mural opposite Brixton Station in south London, which immediately became a shrine and remains so to this day.Trent Reznor also featured in the video as a stalker tracking down a paranoid Bowie.After successfully embracing a variety a of different genres.Those who were neurotic use dating sites to build an identity, as a convenient companion, and as a distraction.

Specifically, women and homosexuals were found to be more neurotic, women were more agreeable, and homosexuals were more open to experiences.

) with his last "character", The Thin White Duke (showcased on his critically and commercially successful album ), a bizarre, thin, well-dressed European aristocrat who — much as Bowie himself did at this point — survived primarily on "red peppers, cocaine, and milk." He then confounded the expectations of both his record label and his American audiences by recording the minimalist album in 1979.) Arguably his most experimental works (until his last album, anyway), the so-called "Berlin Trilogy" albums (named for his place of residence during this period as he pulled himself out of addiction, although significant portions of was well-regarded by critics at the time; the other two weren't).

They have since become Vindicated by History and are regarded as some of his best works.

Around the same time he also produced The Stooges' .

Although both were successful commercially, they were unpopular critically speaking.

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