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The Common Feed List allows for the creation of folders to better group feeds.

Give the feed a name and save it to the folder of your choice, or simply save it in the root "Feeds" folder.

Clicking on the Favorites button displays a box that has three tabs: Favorites, Feeds, and History.

You can also pin the sidebar permanently to IE by clicking on the dock icon in the upper right of the bar. Internet Explorer 7 and 8 arrive with a few feeds from Microsoft included.

Being the first application to ship with the Common Feed List, Internet Explorer 7 is the best place to start.

Within IE7, and later IE8, Microsoft included the CFL as part of the Favorites sidebar.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) has exploded across the World Wide Web.

Most Web sites, especially those providing news or blogs, have RSS options to help you manage your content.

The Properties dialog (Figure E) allows you to rename the feed, modify the schedule the CFL uses to check for updated content, automatically download attached files, and modify the number of feed items kept.Depending on the Internet Explorer add-ons you have loaded, you may also have options from Google, Yahoo, and others allowing you to subscribe to those services as well.(Figure B) Once you click "Subscribe to this Feed", Internet Explorer will ask you where you want to save it.(Figure C) Once you have saved one or more feeds to the CFL, Internet Explorer will display those feeds in the aforementioned sidebar.Feeds with new content will have a title in bold; folders containing feeds with new content will also be bolded.

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