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Fetty Wap isn't about to let anyone, especially his ex-gf, make a dime off leaking a sex tape allegedly featuring him and said ex, Alexis Skyy ... Video clips appearing to show Fetty and Alexis doing the deed started floating around the Internet Tuesday morning.Fetty's camp tells us he has NOTHING to do with the leak, and he's already got his legal team on the job.

"We tend to think that we can experience things because we watched them on tape.Gram Dalton is the voyeuristic creep who preys on the dissatisfaction of married women with the seven year itch syndrome, and other disgruntled and socially misplaced women as well!!He perceives vulnerability in women to be sexually stimulating!!For Graham, this was an aspect of myself taken to an extreme measure.He needs the distance to feel free to react without anybody watching, which, I guess, is the definition of voyeurism, even though I think voyeurism has mostly negative connotations." See more » A classic case of where the mechanics of marriage become the insidious culprit to sexual indiscretion...

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