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Back in 2008, the critically acclaimed ABC Family series “The Secret Life of the American Teenager” received a lot of attention as it focused on a normal American family and a shy daughter, a musician who went off to band camp and had a one night stand to later find out she was pregnant.

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That it’s okay and they’ll survive and they’re kids are going to be phenomenal human beings. I don’t know, I thought it was really creative and different.We whipped our hair for the two minutes or however long her song is. Moderator Will there be any more focus on the relationship or the friendship between Amy and Adrian?Then we danced to Spice Girls and it was so much fun. Absolutely, I mean Adrian is kind of going through what Amy went through, so I think Amy is going to be there for Adrian to help her along and help her progress through this pregnancy.This last season left everyone wondering if these young teenagers, who were brought together due to a one night stand would ever get back with each other. Recently, a media Q&A with actress Shailene Woodley was held and Shailene talked about her character, playing a pregnant teenager, the series, her castmates and her upcoming film “The Descendants”. Moderator Do you think that Ricky could make a committed husband?I think that Ricky could make a committed boyfriend and a committed lover, but to be a husband is a big deal especially when you’re in high school.

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