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A happy marriage promotes success in your work and if you are happy in your work your marriage is enhanced. Women love to hear their husbands saying things verbaly.

Women connect to their husband more when we hear them telling us how beautiful, sexy, hot and cute we are. It makes us feel good and confident about ourselves.

A woman in love continually looks for verbal, written and behavioural evidence that she is loved, treasured and listened to. In the same way, a Ghanaian man will do all it takes to capture his woman. If she is not interested she will flee for her dear life.

She loves hugging, non-sexual touching, conversation, compliments, spontaneity and social gathering. If she is interested, she still runs but just hard enough to be captured. A Ghanaian man on a hunt for a woman is therefore in a very exciting adventure.

On the other hand though, some relationships where an older man is dating a younger woman could be deemed acceptable due to the age-gap being quite ‘reasonable’ per say; take Jay-Z and Beyonce (12 years difference), or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (11 years difference).

I’ll be straight with you guys, this topic is of personal interest to me because I am currently dating a man who is 15 years older than me.

In his mind he thinks that if the little things like the fun and simple activities please her then he must do even greater things to impress her. A zoo keeper is merely concerned with the physical welfare of his animals.

They made quality time to connect emotionally with their spouses. Be a sweet lover your woman dreams to have and let your love last a lifetime. Ghanaian men needs to show their wives the affection. Whenever i changed my hairstyl he gives compliment, telling me how beautiful or...

The relationship is not for any financial gain on my side (I have never once asked him for money and never will as I am an independent woman) or any s*xual gain on both sides; it is purely two people that have fallen deeply in love with each other after months of talking and becoming acquainted with each other.

I’m not going to lie- I had huge doubts in the beginning for several reasons: the age-gap, what my friends would think and what others would think.

Therefore, it is extremely ironic that I now find myself in the same situation that I was once so critical of.

Not only has this taught me not to be so judgemental, but has also opened my eyes and taught me some valuable points.

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