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Then as soon as 400 went on the bar, it killed them.They just fell to the box, got stuck on the box or fell forward.

Competition lifts can be altered by increasing or decreasing the range of motion, e.g., squatting to a low or high box, performing partial range-of-motion bench presses, using wooden boards to shorten the stroke, or deadlifting from blocks or pins in a power cage.

This is opposition to the conjugate sequence system used by Soviet athletes which is a trains one main motor ability at a time whilst maintaining the rest.

The use of bands or chains modifies the strength curve, making the lift more difficult towards lockout.

One of the first things that jumped out at me was that the group that was doing best and that also had elite totals consisted of those who had played college athletics while the other group hadn’t.

I felt like this had a major impact for several reasons.

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