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On Monday, we published a story on the murky world of third-party billing — a world of unhelpful telcos, unexplained fees and potentially millions of affected Australians.

Since then, our inboxes have exploded with stories from around the country of others who have found themselves embroiled in the same problem. Mark told us his account was being charged about a week, which was billed as a "premium content" service on his monthly Optus bill.

Robyn told us her teenager had also been signed up to a premium service without her consent, and that her telco, Optus, denied responsibility."I've spent ages on Optus chat trying to get it resolved and removed from my bill," she said."'You have to pay anyway and someone will contact you eventually'."Hugh wrote in to say his five-year-old, while playing a mobile game, managed to sign the account holder up to a premium service."I had no idea such a thing was even possible," he said."While the basic principle of frictionless transactions makes a bit of sense, when it is employed for such low-end, scammy rubbish it indicates Telstra really just care about the dollars."So many.

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) reports it could be about 1.9 million people.

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It really stinks."Mark's story is just one in the overwhelming response we've received.

It does have legitimate uses for things, like paying for Google Play purchases, but it is also used by companies selling so-called "premium content"."I have received two notifications from an unknown source telling me I will be charged .99 a week for a subscription to a gaming site I know nothing about," Bernadette wrote to us in an email.

"I have not attempted to opt out as it reads like spam.

Telstra was the most complained about, Optus second. Many people were horrified the practice of third-party billing was legal.

Third-party billing is where one company — in this case the nation's major telcos — handle the invoicing and billing for another company through your phone bill.

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