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It did of course examine congressional testimony and other reports, and Logan said she also had "access" to "communications" between Davies/Jones and the U. The network must regain the credibility it lost in Benghazi. [Logan's apology, which echoed remarks she had made Friday on "CBS This Morning," was an attempt to correct an error that has dogged "60 Minutes" and CBS News for more than two weeks now.

But her apology offered little in the way of an explanation for the show's error, which has become a black mark for a program that has long prided itself on the depth and thoroughness of its reporting.

In a November 8 interview on response was wholly inadequate and entirely self-serving.

[...] Two things stand out for me about this correction, besides its basic inadequacy for being so minimal. Usually, when journalists deal with charlatans, it's a tricky business because it's usually a matter of proving a negative.tepid, incomplete apology for their retracted October 27 report on Benghazi, a broad array of media observers are criticizing the network's response to the controversy.After stonewalling critics of their report, CBS finally retracted the segment on November 7, long after it had become clear that there were serious questions about the credibility of the supposed "eyewitness" at the center of their story.But apparently he told them that he lied to his supervisors because he wasn't supposed to go to the compound.Occam's Razor does not treat that explanation kindly. In an immediate after action report when there's little reason to believe that your own role will ever be a matter of consequence or that the incident itself will become a topic of immense controversy?

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