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You will be charged 100 Euro per beer or coffee or whatever. if you are in the city centre and a girl approaches you, asks for directions and acts like a tourist, then later on invites you to a Bar or Club then don't go.

You will be charged 100 Euro per beer or coffee or whatever.

Im not sure where that leaves the Balkans I've hit czech republic, hungary, croatia, serbia, bosnia, montenegro, bulgaria, romania, moldova, ukraine ... For example, Sofia's student town has _fifty_ nightclubs open every night during school year. 2) The Czech girls had a lot of exposure to foreigners & Americans, and were bitchy (not the "I'm a princess" type of bitchiness, but the "I hate you rude, drunk foreigners" type of bitchiness) All the advice about not visiting the tourist destinations of a country is 100% correct. Girls from the former Yugoslavia are generally really hot, although I've never been to that region. ) Cordoba, Argentina was one of these Golden Cities. The city is quite boring during the week but nightlife in the weekend are good.

No one talks about it, this is better nightlife than the tourist infested Prague. Serbian girls especially are renowned for being beautiful. But like other posters have noted, you'll have a hard time even meeting them in the more popular areas of the Czech Republic (there is no real tourist hot-spot in Slovakia; Bratislava probably receives the most tourists, but it's a hole and relatively few people go there). I'd probably rank these three countries as such: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia. I'm moving to Estonia in August, and I've heard that Estonian women are some of the hottest in the world. What are the Golden Cities of Eastern Europe & Russia? Prague- i have not much to add other than the strip clubs, in the dance clubs and bars the girls weren't too friendly but thats maybe it is over touristic. I also hear good things about Czech, not only about the girls but about the people and places.

In some dodgy strip clubs they write Coca Cola, Beer, Vodka, Whiskey on the menu with 100 Ft written next to it, for example.

Most people won't see the small letters "per centiliter".

For example, Sofia's student town has _fifty_ nightclubs open every night during school year. the girls there are great, some could use a little dental work but they are all in shape and have great bodies.

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News has it, the Czech republic and Hungary are now in central Europe... How the locals look is important sure, but for a short trip you have to take into availability, nightlife quality and culture to maximize your chances of success. Unfortunately I was in the touristy area where: 1) The majority of the people where foreign tourists and not Czech. The hottest girls, IMO, are going to be in the Eastern frontier countries: Bulgaria, Romania, and Ukraine (avoid Belarus and Moldova -- not that Belarus is easy to enter, anyway). ) Sofia- Girls are very friendly for foreigners though one night stand seems rare, there are quite a lot of good girls there, ones that you would like as girlfriend rather than easy score.I had few too shorts trips to Prague, Bulgaria and Romania, the most attractive girls were in Prague, Czech republic, I remmember a big strip club with many rooms and 100 working girls most of them drop dead gorgeos.Bulgarian girls are very friendly but the Romanians also easier to score.When you are supposed to pay your bill the girls will dissapear and go back in the street and do the same thing all over again, every day.Most of the time they have these prices written on their menus so I think the Police can't do anything about it, or maybe they don't want to get involved in this.

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