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pm – Jewelry decisions made, I put on the new shoes I bought. pm – I put in my contacts, after fighting with my eyes against the unnatural intrusions. It doesn’t match the best with the dress, but it is cute and I don’t feel like I can go to this thing without some sort of scarf. The convention is really nice, what little I see of it and what I read in the program.

My eyes are now red, watery, and some of the makeup to hide those dark eye circles has faded. pm – In the short distance (about 100 yards) between an air conditioned building and the entrance to the Metro, my hair has expanded and I am sopping wet from the humidity. pm – As I walk to the end of the Metro platform, I can see lingering gazes on me. They have lots of lectures on various aspects of the Islamic experience and what it means to be a Muslim in a modern world.

So, yeah, a very awkward meat market, to say the least.

pm – I recognize someone I’ve met through one my Meetup groups, I’ll call her E.

The men are organized to be in a staggered age group (so they’ll be at least 2 years older than us, if that makes sense).

For example, if the girls are 25-30, then the guys in that group will be 27-32. pm – Another guy comes to sit in front of me (I’ll call him B). B thinks we should stop trying to save species, particularly the panda, and let them die off.

There are hundreds of people milling about outside the doors (which will open around 4pm) and everyone is looking at everyone as they come up.

I’ll keep trying and praying (because what else can I do) and hope I find that person soon. As part of the convention, they hold “matrimonial banquets”. am – I wake up calm and serene, made a yummy breakfast of southwestern-style eggs with salsa, hashbrowns, and avocado (a superfood to help me have a super day! pm – After spending the morning running errands (and fruitlessly searching for something new to wear for the evening), I decide to wear the very lovely dress that I was wobbling about wearing.It was interesting to hear the male POV (I really liked his suggestion to other males to “stop being douchebags”). He suggested that women travel in smaller groups and to put away our phones, at least in regards to behavior at Club ISNA.I will say, at the banquet when I was either on my own or with one friend, a few guys did approach me and speak to me.I think they can still smell the static guard, but I’m hoping it’s because I look cute despite my soppiness. Reading some of the descriptions, I can tell some are skewed in a more conservative direction, but I like that ISNA at least realizes that they can’t ignore the challenges that I and other Muslims face.pm – I arrive at the ballroom where the banquet is being held.

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