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• Information of detection and treatment options need to be well publicized (ex: Medicare provides free STD screenings and low cost treatments) • Distribute free condoms in places where seniors live and congregate Whatever the reason or the chosen solution, the critical first step is having a conversation with your loved one and educating them on the dangers of having unprotected sex.

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Here are a few quick thoughts: • Seniors should be getting the same basic "safe sex" education as young people (learning about STDs and how to recognize the signs, how they can complicate other existing chronic medical conditions, and most importantly the importance-and proper use of-condoms) • Doctor's should inquire about sexual activity with seniors as they do with teenagers and younger adults.

The guy became so animated while recounting various family member's perspectives that it became difficult to determine when he was angry and when he was amused.

Either way, his retelling of the family's ideas regarding how Uncle Dominic got an STD made this the best PTA event EVER!!!

Personally, like most things involving humans and sex, I think the truth is multifaceted.

Overall, seniors' lack of recognition that a problem exist gives rise (really bad pun intended) to situations that allow diseases to be contracted or shared.

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