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Kind of like walking up to a person and saying “So, you live on planet Earth, right?” or even walking up to Eddie Murphy and saying “Hey, so…you’re a black guy, right?Other foreign guys don’t do it – a fair portion of the foreign male population has Japanese blinders on, and wouldn’t approach a Gaijin girl, even if she were, say, Jessica Alba, because she’s “not quite as attractive” as your average Japanese girl. Then you have other foreign guys, who would be receptive to dating a fellow Gaijin, but we usually never get the chance because the J-girls have taken the initiative. I knew foreign women here who were hornier than Hugh Hefner in his prime, who complained about never getting any YET never did anything about it! Christmas is on the way and in Japan, the favorite pastime of the ‘season to be jolly’ is usually chasing members of the opposite sex rather than singing Christmas carols or roasting chestnuts on an open fire.That sounds like a statement I shouldn’t even have to make.

” Most of them will say yes.* Even if that doesn’t work for you, the internet has given us a radical new option.

And ladies, if you turn to your male friends and ask “is this true? If the Gaijin girl is willing to be more proactive – actively approach guys, talk to them, get their attention, then she can do well here. – it’s embarrasing – too shy to do that – what will my friends think?

”, just know that he is probably not going to admit it, because if he did he knows you’re going to be looking at him with that “is he undressing me with his eyes right now? I would like to invite you on a date, which is really just killing time until we can go to a Love Hotel. Girls who do this get boyfriends and even get laid. Although this is purely my personal observation, it seems as though American girls are the ones who have the most problems with this. – all I can really say to you is – Welcome to our world, ladies.

If our female friends turned to us and said “I just want a night of sex – I promise it won’t get weird” and we actually believed that, most of us would take them up on that.

…That being said, there are a few female friends who I wouldn’t have sex with, but mostly because through all the sex talks we had, I know it wouldn’t be any good even if I did. So yeah, the “do nothing” approach doesn’t work so well here. And if that doesn’t sound appealing to you – what happens if I get rejected?

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