Dating hoopz rapper ti

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Thats like saying just because a hoe has a big butt she's bad and no hun u not...

if ur ugly ur ugly dark skin and yes LIGHTSKIN too.

Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker told the Detroit Economic Club that the Patent Office had signed a memorandum of understanding to share patent information on the Auto Harvest website.• The U.

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From my own point of view those two women seem nice, which is more of a positive emotion coming from the inside, which will always win over anything external which is in the eye of the beholder amongst others.

It was completely unneccesary to bring in india Arie and Tiny or anyone else.It's up to you to allow your mind to be freed,and to encourage your children about this in a good manner as best as you can. when you rite-u rite-just like in the videos-if you want a beautiful bad chick-they obviously choose the light skin-if you want attitude and a big butt-they choose the dark trick-just the way it is-its america-for the half jap/half black bitch-youre jus stupid-you make no sense-anonymous you are not alone-ill rep with you for the light skin!all the darkies talking shit-prob had there man taken by a redbone-so sorry we just look better thats all it is to it lol-youre making my side hurt-im sure your imaginary range is as black as you are-its ok-I wont continue this war-I have better things to do-uhh say a career-but if we ever meet face to face-of course the lights would have to be on-otherwise I would just see your crooked a** teeth-you would know what's up-you can say what makes you feel better but we all know light skinned is the best!!now I've waisted to much time with this gow up and get a life Or better Kenya Moore or Tiny?it's not the shade its the beauty you don't have it neither does India/ I'm sorry, but unlike you she has a good heart and is sensible, sensible ppl don't talk shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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