Dating advice after first date updating least squares

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If you had a great time, let her know the next day.

Make contact It’s usually best to make contact with your date fairly quickly after the first date – the same day or evening is perfect.It will help you both to move on to the next step if you clarify quickly what you’d like that to be. Always thank the person for coming to meet you and then be honest about whether you’d like to see them again.If you’re unsure, a second date is usually advisable.It’s a good idea to make your post date contact someone who you are comfortable talking openly and honestly with rather than just a casual acquaintance.Don’t be afraid to voice any reservations, fear or excitement you are experiencing.

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    Of course, lots of people will start a conversation based on something interesting in their match’s profile, but the chances are they’ll have been asked the same thing over and over again, so being original is crucial.

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