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Deeply ashamed and terrified to confront their truth, these lost souls dwell in the shadows.

Paralyzed and powerless, addiction strips them of their humanity as they descend into darkness, wandering lost and alone in what author and addiction medicine specialist Gabor Maté (RRP #188) dubs As a culture we perpetuate the cycle of shame by judging those afflicted as weak, even sub-human.

For the next two years, assigned to a Hollywood Boulevard “chain gang,” she would sweep up syringes (and worse) on Hollywood Boulevard as she bounced from rehabs to halfway houses, all while struggling with sobriety, sex addiction, and starting over in her 40s. Her raw honesty is as devastating as it is courageous – perhaps even shocking for those less intimately familiar with the ravishes of addiction. And it’s about how that ownership holds the power to overcome shame, heal the self, and ultimately help others.

If you suffer from addiction or know someone who does, you will find Amy’s story both powerful and instructive – a primer to better understand the nature of this pernicious disease.

This creates a climate of fear and silence, further entrenching a deep sense of self-hatred that drives the addict into a prison of loneliness and despair, isolating that individual from the life-saving solution to their fatal disease. Towards that end, I give you the story of Amy Dresner.

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