Beat angel escalayer english dub dating gone bad

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(ネコになる, 正義の味方は恋する少女にゃん) Airdate: April 6, 2002 While Ichigo Momomiya is on her first date with Masaya Aoyama, she is bathed in a strange light and sees herself being merged with a cat.

Afterwards, she begins to display cat-like behaviors.

To stop them, the Mew Project infused five girls with the DNA from specific endangered species, enabling the girls to become "mew mews".

Later at the café, Ichigo sees her with three other girls, who are trying to coerce an unwilling Lettuce to try to photograph a rumored school ghost.

Ichigo "accidentally" dumps parfaits on them to get them to leave Lettuce alone.

The next day, Ichigo follows Masaya into a park, where a strange jellyfish-like creature takes over a rat's body, turning it into a monster.

Ryou Shirogane saves Ichigo and gives her a pendant allowing her to transform into Mew Ichigo.

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