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Appearance: "Glitter" - Season 6, Episode 9Rachel Bilson plays the Mother's roommate, Cindy. The two briefly date before he realizes that everything he likes about Cindy actually belongs to her roommate. Suits" - Season 5, Episode 12; "Big Days" - Season 6, Episode 1; "Band or DJ?" - Season 8, Episode 13; "How Your Mother Met Me" - Season 9, Episode 16Former Roseanne star Sarah Chalke plays Stella.(Sadly we all know they're not actually related, but isn't it fun to pretend?)Appearance: "Showdown" - Season 2, Episode 20Marshall says the magic words: "Ladies and gentleman, Boyz II Men." Then the boy band appears in the woods and sings "You Just Got Slapped." Classic!

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Too bad she later leaves Ted at the altar for her ex-boyfriend Tony.The two even get engaged, but unfortunately that doesn't last.Appearances: "The Stinson Missile Crisis" - Season 7, Episode 4; "Tick Tick Tick" - Season 7, Episode 10; "The Drunk Train" - Season 7, Episode 16; and seven more episodes Wayne Brady plays James Stinson — Barney's gay half-brother.He's a masseuse that plays the guitar, which obviously makes Ted super jealous.Appearance: "Wait For It" - Season 3, Episode 1The actor from Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle and House plays Robin's psychiatrist, who she falls for.

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