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My dad is from a more rural farming background, one of nine kids. If you don’t know what that means, I’m not going to say it.

So we’d have little hand symbols — it looked like what you’d throw up for “west side,” but it was actually for white kids. They had a particular naming system, and the names would be like, John John or Thomas John, a lot of similar first and last names. When I got a little older, when I had a crush on some white girl, I’d think about how when she was imagining her boyfriend, it definitely wasn’t some Indian dude. First of all, I remember when the Indians in Jackson heights were like, “Oh no, Colombians are moving in.” Das Racist always used to get pegged as racially ambiguous. I’m the least racially ambiguous human in the world. The other dude was Afro-Cuban and Italian had long hair and beard and he looks Sikh. A lot of that has to do with our country’s obsession with black people and black culture and constant appropriation and misappropriation. I’m not going to say it was particularly hard to be an Indian in hip hop, but people would say crazy things. But usually I just start talking to them about whatever food they said and my experiences with it.

And I was like shit, this would be way easier if I were white. Stand up comedian and hype man/dancer don’t translate in Indian. So my brother became a lawyer and I became a singer to my family. Sometimes it would be like, “What’s the deal with the dot? Once I was in this movie called “Dosa Hunt,” but in this video, there’s an Iranian, a Mexican and a bunch of north Indian kids.

Anyways, Indians didn’t even have a slur that you could call us. There was one incident when I was very young, like seven years old. And I’m not going to jump all over people for pronouncing it wrong, because there’s lots of East Asian names that I see and I’m like how in the hell do you pronounce that? I hadn’t really thought about identity before that. I don’t know why they’d think they were flattering me, or that that is an entrée into a bigger conversation.

It was then that we realized it was not normal to be surrounded by Indian kids or Colombian kids. I went to school with a bunch of Malayali kids, and a lot of them were Christian converts. But after the first day of school, I came home and asked my mom why do I have this name? But she was like, how can you even say a thing like that? The other guy in the band is Punjabi, though he could speak Spanish, so he could front like he was Dominican, maybe. But anyways, people thought all of us were Indian at some point, too. The country lives in a black white duality, which doesn’t even demographically make sense any more. I thought everybody knows that that’s not a thing you do.

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