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For every curriculum under investigation each of these four points will be highlighted.

The success or failure of Teaching/Learning English as a foreign language in SMA will be pinpointed in the discussion on each of these four major points.

This objective outcome is specifically stated in the 1968 curriculum (Depdikbud R. Contents: During the period of the implementation of the19 curricula, the government provided text books for high schools.

Teachers of English language throughout the country have freedom to develop their own lesson plans on the basis of items listed in the curricula.

Each individual teacher is advised to follow the sequential order of topical materials laid out in the curriculum and to match each subtopics of the lesson plan with his/her specific defined objective and or interest.

The curriculum materials were described as follows: Methods: The teaching of English as a foreign language using the 1975 curriculum follows the ‘Eclectic approach’, with special emphasis on the improving of the efficiency of teaching learning process (Rudiyanto, 1988: 52).

The objective outcome of the TEFL within these curricula as deduced from teaching/learning materials in the said curricula is to enhance reading skills.

The enhancement of reading skills as intended in these curricula is to help Indonesian students to be able to read books written in English language.

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