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The District of Columbia Bear Club (DCBC) was created to promote fellowship among bears, cubs, levi/leather and other diverse members of the District of Columbia Gay/Lesbian Community.Firedancers, Texas, is a non-political, pan-sexual, Leather-Levi Social Club with a Native American influence.Yes, we wear leather and/or levis as a statement, as a fashion or because of both reasons.

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Here we go again...another mainstream movie that shows explicit sex scenes including insertion masturbations, oral sex and intercourse.

The film also made Linda Lovelace a household name and inspired women world-wide to learn how to deep throat.

The highest grossing film for three years after it's release and still one of the best selling adult videos of all time, four pages of caps from this classic film featuring Bambi Woods in our Golden Age of Porn section.

Defenders/SF is a Leather/Levi club, chartered by Dignity, the national gay Catholic organization.

Defenders take a stand for the sacredness of our leather sexuality and explores practical ways of integrating sexuality and spirituality.

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