Devotions dating couples ben young review

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With plans to leave their small town, teenage loves Annie and Ben elope.

Their big city plans are halted, though, when Annie’s parents have the marriage annulled.

Ben moves to New York, while Annie stays in Iowa to help her family.

Fifteen years later, both engaged to their respective fiancés, the two discover that their annulment was never finalized.

First off, please note that this is a typical Hallmark film with enough of a twist to make it intriguing.

The ultimate conclusion is never in doubt, but as with Hallmark films and what we anticipate from them, this meets those expectations, possibly exceeds them.

We had talked about a lot of the questions before just in regular conversation, but it was neat to have a focused discussion every week.

When romantic feelings resurface, Annie and Ben must decide if their past love could be the love of their future.

If you are like most dating couples, you are looking for more than just a companion – you want a soul mate!

Relationship experts Ben Young and Samuel Adams, authors of The Ten Commandments of Dating and The One, give user-friendly tips for nurturing your personal walk with God and enhancing your spiritual connection as a couple. It's filled with shallow, amateurish theological statements and trite and/or stretched analogies.

This book, though it was not enjoyed as much for what it was, had some great value for our couples group as well as the one-on-one conversations with my girlfriend. The Spirit Tony and I went through this book before we got married.

This devotional goes surface level on many topics that are important for new couple's to discuss. It did exactly what it said--helped up build a solid foundation.

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