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Raymond prefers sports television over discussions with Debra on marital matters.

Like his father, Raymond works full-time, leaving most child-rearing responsibilities to his wife; and he is often forced to help around the house.

Unlike everyone else, Frank has no problem comically criticizing Marie and often comes to Debra's defense whenever Marie comments disparagingly about their daughter-in-law.

Raymond and Debra's marriage is fraught with conflicts.

One of the show's recurring elements finds the couple having a long discussion in bed each night before going to sleep.

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As the series progresses, however, several episodes demonstrate that the senior Barone loves his family immensely.

Frank (Peter Boyle) and Marie (Doris Roberts) announce to their family that they're all going to Italy for two weeks.

The latter reasons that with her birthday coming up, she is using the money she had kept aside for 45 years to pay for the family to meet her cousin Colletta (Silvana De Santis), who lives in a small village outside of Rome.

Everyone is excited to go, except Raymond (Ray Romano).

Ray informs Debra (Patricia Heaton) that he doesn't want to go on the trip because he has no interest in other cultures.

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