Dating bicurious

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I am not judging here...rather asking....."how in the hell have Women come to wanting other Women when they are conditioned to be liking Men? Some bi-curious gals go into action for the 1st time, not knowing how dirty and incredibly (ear waxy) tasting the inner (down below) area can be for oral pleasure. Every two seconds it's "tastes good, tastes horrible, tastes good, tastes horrible.

Stay on the serface you good, but giving her more action, will have you squinging. So bi-wemon, all the power to you, but be prepared, it's not the same as watching some lesbo porn movie.

I can’t leave out the man who doesn’t take Lesbian relationships serious with his sarcastic remark of, “Oh…you guys are really a couple? It’s these notions that cause my deliberate labeling of every heterosexual man I come in contact with.

I know it’s not fair to place a stigma on every man who is attracted to a woman but maybe it’s the man attracted to “my woman” that makes me feel this way.

I would LOVE as well to chat with a woman right now if anyone is interested . Its just harder to find willing women that want to share the experience.....

Therefore, I can’t possibly keep her away from every man (woman, or person) she comes in contact with; that’s just ridiculous.

We have a loving relationship (married 22 years) and I would not think of not communicating without him !

He is also fine with or without joining in whatever is the woman's preference. I've had alot of experiences with one female and I love it....

If a man can enjoy the touch, smell, taste of a women why denie your women the same pleasure!

Cheating is an act of deception, lies, mistrust and hate that I have found is more prevelent among strait uptight closed minded females that are afraid and fearful of there own sensuality and open communication.thats why I prefere an honest openminded bif over strait. I am bi-curious/bi-sexual who just discussed with hubby last night that I would LOVE to experience the gentleness of a woman's touch and he was all for it .

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