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I spend time around all kinds of people all the time who do not know that I am Registered. I do it mostly because I live a normal life but I also go out of my way to do it simply because the Registries exist.I spend a lot of time in many different types of situations and try to determine exactly how it is that supporters of the Registries dream that their Registries help prevent the situation.I am constantly trying to determine if the SORs are legitimate in any way.

These requirements apply regardless of whether the visit is a vacation, business trip or school-related activity.This information will be permanently linked from the main Navigation under “Legal”.I trust that every American thinks this situation is unacceptable.“It is essential for registered citizens to remain compliant when they visit another state,” said CA RSOL President Janice Bellucci.“In order to remain compliant, registered citizens must know the requirements of the state they choose to visit.” Below is a link to a spreadsheet that provides an overview of requirements for state visitors as well as the verbatim laws from which this information was gathered (current as of May 2014).

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