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^^ I love the United States and the Americans and I always dream to live in the USA and to know someone with I can have a seriously relationship and with I can have a f..He should love travelling, but also just sitting on the couch watching a movie. I am a very happy person who is in search of a man who will make me laugh and who is fun. Religion still influences this practice a bit: some people wait for the wedding before they have sex (or at least for the "right one"), but they are very few compared to the past.Overall, it can certainly be said that both men and women of different ages in Italy today have sex with more light-heartedness and self-confidence today than ever before.Differences in the way in which sex is thought of are evident on a national as well as an international scale.So while, of course, it is not possible to say that all Italians think the same way about sex, it is possible to outline some of the generalities about how sex is seen by individuals and in Italian society.But if you're not close to these cities then step into our Italy Chat Room and meet hot Italian girls.

Hello everyone :) I would like to find new people around here.Cultural differences are evident in many areas of a society - lifestyle, values, ways of socializing.Sex and the way it is experienced can also be indicative of these differences.Surveys suggest that many Italians currently have quite a liberated and satisfactory sex life.Interestingly, despite the earlier age for the first experience, surveys show that the Italians who consider their sex lives 'perfect' or 'satisfactory' are those between 35-44 years of age.

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