Updating progress bar when retrieving records from database

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10) Process ask you about update the old contents of your database.After you click on "continue", a progress bar appears.[1] IMPORTANT : Update from version earlier than 0.4 does not allow you to automatically preserve your detailled configurations (general configuration, external sources, etc) which where stored into file.You nedd to use the forms from « configuration » menu after the install process.old_installation_GLPI/backup/dump - new_installation_GLPI/files Verify or change rights on following folders : [your_http_root/]/glpi/files [your_http_root/]/glpi/config/ in order that PHP has write rights.

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CASE 2 : You do not have « admin » user or all of them have an empty password (all use external source to connect).

Please increase your memory_limit and timeout in your configuration.

Warning n°2 : You need to desactivate all plugins before update GLPI.

In our example we send our form data to a PHP page where, we fetched values from url and insert them into a My-SQL database.

Untill this PHP page returns some value back to HTML page, Progress bar is shown to user using j Query.

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