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She grew up on Stony Creek and was big sister to the eight younger Ewings who joined the household. Large family, all of whom lived and died in Chenango except Bradford F.

She was in her teens when two young men arrived on the Greenbrier - brothers, Stephen HOLCOMB and Samuel Robert HOLCOMB. HOLCOMB, prominent physician in Jackson and Gallia Counties, Ohio. The HOLCOMBS were on the Greenbrier at least by 25 June, 1796, for that is the date of Stephen Holcomb and Susannah Ewing's wedding.

Seventeen other men, including Samuel HOLCOMB, also voted in that first election and most of them figure prominently in Ewing family history.

Most also appear on a list still in existence today, 162 years later, which was in the possession of the late Beatrice CLARK of Portsmouth, Ohio.

Samuel and Sarah moved there on 6 April 1805, which is probably when Stephen and Susannah went too.

Their homesite was in Section 27, 2 miles southwest of where the village of Vinton would one day come into being, in Huntington Township.

She was Susannah (or Susana, as it is spelled in John's little book, or Susanah as she signed it, or Susan as it appeared in an early church record), born 28 September 1776, five months and 13 days after our birth of freedom.

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The meeting was held at Stephen and Susannah HOLCOMB's house, and Stephen cast the first vote.

Gallia County then included lands that eventually became all of Jackson and large portions of Lawrence, Meigs and Vinton Counties.

The eastern half of Gallia as it is today lay within the lands of the Ohio Company, while the western portion was in the "Congress Lands," which meant they were available directly from the U. Government and not from a private land company or certain grant holders, therefore more desirable in the eyes of the HOLCOMBS and their friends.

John and Ann's second child and first daughter could have been named America.

She and this country were born about the same time.

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