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The locals here already have their own social circles and cliques." Here is my suggestion 5) If you are from Cleveland or the surrounding area, invite a young professional who is new to Cleveland to hang out with you and your circle of friends.

Hi, Well, it appears that you've met a couple of us online!

The trick is to take this and make it happen at home. I am also in my 20s and had some difficulties with the same thing when I came back to Cleveland.

I don't know what kinds of things you're into, but I've met some cool people going to all the different cultural festivals, volunteering a few hours on weekends, and randomly going to different special events.Some forums can only be seen by registered members. It's just a group of young professionals who get together for both volunteer events and social events. - Volunteer2) Join a gym (and especially take classes) - Titan's Gym Downtown Cleveland: Cleveland, Ohio Gym and Fitness, Open 24 Hours, Areas Largest GYM - Cleveland State University Rec Center: CSU Campus Recreation - FREE Yoga Downtown: Free yoga classes offered each Saturday in downtown Cleveland - Science Cafe Cleveland @ Great Lakes Brewery CASE Chapter, Sigma Xi - Keep an eye out for my events listings... On a few occasions, I have struck up conversations with other people at these events but they either a) give me the cold shoulder or b) don't seem interested in meeting new people.After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. Young Leaders - United Way of Greater Cleveland Welcome to Cleveland! When you go to an event alone, you usually leave the event alone.Hi there, I'm new to Cleveland and I'm wondering how do you meet other young, twenty-something professionals in this city? I have been to several of these places but again by myself.I worked in DC and that was a great city for young professionals. What would be better is some type of structured event where a bunch of Cleveland newcomers could meet each other like a speed-dating event or a social mixer. "Cleveland is not a city used to transplants and out-of-staters.

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