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Additionally, Amazon has provided the long-awaited announcement revealing the (unlucky) date on which season 4 premieres on Prime: Friday, April 13th.

The preemptively ordered season 5 will arrive as a partial restoration of the show’s status quo, since April’s season 4 will be the manifestation of a major sea change behind the scenes that saw showrunner/executive producer Eric Overmyer exit the series to migrate over to fellow Amazon peak TV offering in season 5, where he will serve as co-showrunner alongside Daniel Pyne, the man who replaced him for the job in season 4.

But the "previously on " segment that kicks off the season two premiere does not suggest as much.

In season two, however, the mysterious murder of a man who's shot in the back of the head when he stops to help a motorist in trouble spirals outward into a case involving everything from the mob to Bosch's ex-wife and teenage daughter.

Connelly imbues the character with such care and nuance that you end up invested in everything from his crumbling relationships to his clichéd "my mother was murdered, so I became a cop" backstory.

had a cast full of great actors to work with, particularly Lance Reddick as Deputy Chief Irving and Jamie Hector as Bosch's fellow detective Jerry Edgar.

It was good, not great, and I stopped watching shortly after the season's midpoint.

In season two, though, It's still an incredibly standard cop drama, so if you're looking for a reinvention of that particular wheel, you should probably look elsewhere.

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There's a regrettable incident where Eleanor and Maddie are kidnapped — one of the most overused cop drama clichés of them all — but it's handled quickly, and it forces Bosch into even greater proximity with the two of them.(Both actors, not coincidentally, are best known for was adapted for TV by Eric Overmyer, who also worked on that show.) Season two gives the show's supporting players better storylines to work through, particularly Reddick, who gets a great one.The show is still Bosch's, and there are still scenes where the other characters seem as if they only exist when he's around to acknowledge their existence.Sometimes that's distracting; here, it indicates the level of care in making sure a complicated mystery is easy to follow.'s Sarah Clarke) and Maddie (Madison Lintz), a teenage daughter he rarely sees.

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