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On the latest episode of Bill Rhoden On Sports we talk to the Panthers’ beat writer for , Jonathan Jones, about all things Carolina, Newton and Sunday’s heavyweight matchup, which Jones states is likely “the biggest sporting event that has ever taken place in Charlotte.” We discuss the keys to success for the Panthers, the tone in their locker room and the matchup between two of the league’s best quarterbacks.“Cam is 26 years old, he has five years in the league, but he understands this is part of his legacy,” Jones says.HDOn is moderated by HDOn Tap staff as well as appointed Live Cam Ambassadors.All moderators will be identified as such next to their display name.Community members may also flag posts if they believe something may be in violation of our Community Guidelines.Once a post has been flagged, it will be reviewed by the moderation team.Any activity, comments, posts or other interaction that you may have with this community may be moderated, with or without explanation.

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    "Diva Next Door" Lea Michele shared humble words after taking a red statue from pal Jonathan Groff.

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