Seven and park han byul dating

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When she gets a chance, she'll address it herself."However, in another phone call with media outlet Ilgan Sports, another JF Entertainment representative said, "One media outlet reported that they'd already broken up before he enlisted, but that's not the truth. I just hope they can be happy if they decided to stick together. Se7en was my first kpop love so even though the massage parlor thing pisses me off, I still am a fan.They're still contacting each other and doing well. [ 25, -3] Congratulations on breaking up with Se7en8. Boys are really stupid when it comes to their dicks and kpop idols are not immune. When they finally came out about it after all that time I jumped for joy. " data-medium-file=" w=223" data-large-file=" w=260" / They can’t hide their relationship after this picture spreaded out! Today what I want to share with you guys is K-pop star couples that I think they are really match each others." data-medium-file=" w=300" data-large-file=" There are lots of star couples who bring lots of issues at all times and No wonder many people always want to know them. [ Seven(Se7en) and Park Han Byul] I don’t know if you guys know about Seven, At least in Korea he is one of the popular stars from YG entertainment(known as Big Bang’s agency).

Love Is in the Air for Korean Celebrities The month of June must be the season of love, as Korean celebrities admit their relationships and make a wedding announcement.Earlier in the week, popular singer Jang Yun-jeong surprised everyone by admitting that she and wacky comedian Roh Hong-cheol were indeed a couple.Then K-pop idol Se7en confirmed the rumor that he has been seeing actress Park Han-byeol for the past seven years.“They will remain friends.” Adds a spokesman for Jung, 29, “It is true that he and Park Han Byul are not together anymore.LOL, ppl already suspected/knew a LONG time ago…there’re even news of PHB going to US to accompany se7en…

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