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Make sure you have people listening, and that they like your content.At that point, you know you’re in it for long haul.Let’s have a look at the details – here are the reasons why a Podcaster might buy a mixer: If you want to use professional quality microphones that use XLR or other pro type cabling, then to get the best out of them you’re going to need a mixer.It is possible to get XLR USB converters, but they’re not going to take as much advantage of the quality of your mic.That means loud people are loud and quiet people are quiet.With a mixer you can actually turn up those quiet folks, and turn down the shouters.

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Mix minus ties into the last thing I mentioned above: working with a co-host.

It’s worth the money to buy a mixer and the time to learn how to use it.

Remember, once you need to learn, we have coaching and courses in The Podcast Host Academy for a whole bunch of the more complicated setups.

You’re treating it like a radio show, so there’s no post production at all. Afterwards, you might do some compression or EQ in Post, but all of the audio you need is in there already.

This is achieved by plugging in a device to play your sound FX and recordings on it’s own channel.

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