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Back to top Oftentimes, your teen may seem unapproachable or extremely uncomfortable when talking to you about personal issues such as sex and sexuality. Sometimes, factual information can challenge a personal belief or what a faith community believes.

Here is a list of advice you may want to consider that can help prevent estranging your teen in the process: Be clear about your values. It is important to give your children factual information – and to be very specific about how your beliefs either agree with or differ from science. This can provide an opportunity to make sure that your child both has accurate information and hears what your values are relating to it.

Back to top The following is a list of important topics relating to sex and sexuality.

Although your teen may have some concept of these topics due to the media, school, friends, etc.

Back to top Some parents believe that talking about sex will lead to teens having sex.

In fact, research shows that teens who have talked with their parents about sex are more likely to post-pone sex and use birth control when they do begin.

It is important, therefore, to start the conversation early, and to make it clear to your children that you are always willing to talk about sexuality – whenever questions come up for them, or when a "teachable moment" occurs. Sexuality, in most of its aspects, can be a joyful topic for discussion in the family.

Remember to keep your sense of humor throughout conversations with your child – the conversation doesn't have to be tense and uncomfortable unless you make it that way.

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Additionally, when teens feel uncomfortable coming to their parents or guardians regarding difficult issues, such as sex, they often turn to their friends and/or the media in order to gain information.Acting on your values and being a good role model are powerful messages for your children.On the other hand, your beliefs will not seem very important or valuable to your children if they don't see you respect and abide by them yourself.... Have a conversation with your children – don't talk at them.Correct misinformation gently, and reinforce your values whenever possible. Too often, parents think they need to wait until they collect enough information and energy to be prepared to have "THE TALK" with their children.However, sexuality is a part of every person's life from the moment he or she is born.

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