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lets you go on dates with several characters, but none of them are interested in you, for a variety of reasons.

I actually think that's a pretty clever spin on the whole dating sim idea. 's logs, where we learn about the political sea change which led to her deactivation and reformatting hundreds of years before our protagonist shows up.

************************************************************************************************************************************************* REF 10415 Marshall Jmp50 Plexi head with original 784-1 -118 transformers Minor changes many many years ago are indicator light and logo ,this is a very clean example with original handle and feet. ******************************************************************************************************************************************************* MARSHALL 20watt PLEXI curc 1967 RS EL84 OUTPUT AND RS MAINS This 67 Marshall plexi 20watt was made at the same time as the legendary 18watt Marshall combo's and early versions used the same Radio Spares Transformers, to hear this amp click here This classic plexi head is instantly recognizable by its rare mini Bulgin plug and the two speaker jacks all on the front plexi panel, Its early circuit as seen above features many RS parts,it also has Green Black Tolex and Alley blocks at the end of the chassis just like the 66 JTM45's.

Tubes 2x El84 2x Ecc83 no toys such as tremolo just a sweet tone...... ***************************************************************************************************************************** ABOVE: Marshall 2x12 Pinstripe closed back speaker cab 66/67 "to hear this amp click here" Green Black tolex with 2x Thames Ditton 25 speakers, ideal with the Plexi 20 or JMP 50 Head BARGIN 1399.

On the other hand, Cortana herself is considerably younger than the Chief, being a computer program and all that, and she's only based on Dr. Since is an action series, it's never going to really linger on the two's relationship...

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Some ground rules: no cyborgs (they require a separate list), no animal-shaped robots (we can just be friends), and AIs are allowed so long as they have some physical representation like a hard disc.A robot character's narrative arc is almost always about their emotions (or the discovery thereof), meaning that -- to me at least -- it's the purest expression of falling in love with somebody for their mind.The fact I'm also jealous of their replacable body parts doesn't hurt, of course.Why should EDI being hundreds of times bigger than Joker and made out of alien metal alloys matter to him?And if it did matter to him, then move over, Joker. lore, Cortana is both Master Chief's implied love interest and surrogate mother figure, being based on the scientist who oversaw the supersoldier project which trained him from childhood. As an AI, Cortana mostly exists in Master Chief's brain via a data slug, periodically uploading herself to whatever external data networks need infiltration or the like.

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