Dating heritage guitars

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There are differences between most of the Heritage models and their Gibson counterparts, however.For example, all Heritage full-body semi-acoustics have solid wood tops, while many of the Gibson guitars of this type had laminated tops after World War II.In 1989, jazz guitarist Johnny Smith withdrew his endorsement from Gibson and awarded it to Heritage, which began production of the Heritage Johnny Smith.The Gibson model continued in production as the Gibson Le Grand.The marketing was handled by the former VP of sales from Gibson, Lane Zastrow.

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For a short time, the Heritage Guitar company offered an Alex Skolnick signature model H-150.Heritage guitars are made without the use of CNC machines for woodworking, utilizing a crude carver machine built by the original employees.Heritage, is clear about the fact that their guitars are manufactured, with no claims that they are handmade (although the website states "The art of handcrafting fine American made instruments continues...").In general, Heritage makes guitars that are similar to Gibson's products, Part of this increased attention to detail is a result of Heritage being a smaller operation than Gibson, and some of it is likely a reaction against the cost-cutting practices that developed at Gibson under Norlin's ownership.The design of the Heritage H-150 solid-body guitar is clearly modeled on the Les Paul Standard, while the H-575 resembles the ES-175 and the H-535 reinterprets the ES-335.

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