Cancelling a dating service contract

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This reminded me a lot of the debates around e Bay in the 1990s.

e Bay would have been toast if it had to satisfy the statutory regulations applicable to “auctionhouses” because those laws assumed the intermediary took possession of sellers’ goods as part of the transaction. 15, 2015) Related cases: Ninth Circuit Turns Out The Lights on California ‘Shine the Light’ Case Men’s Journal Beats Lawsuit Alleging Violation of California’s “Shine the Light” Privacy Statute — Boorstein v.

He sued on behalf of a putative class, alleging violations of California’s Dating Service Contract Act and other claims.

: the court first tackles standing and says that it’s not adequately alleged here.

Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed, and everyone realized than an online auction service like e Bay is unquestionably different than a statutorily regulated “auctionhouse.” It’s a good cautionary tale for the regulation of any online marketplace seeking to disrupt traditional offline intermediaries governed by different rules because the laws of physics applicable to the offline world are, in fact, different online. Men’s Journal Bad Idea: Overdisclosing People’s Positive STD Status–Doe v.

Violating contract cancellation regulations can not only lead to monetary penalties but can damage a business’s reputation.Here, Grindr had good policy arguments that the assumptions embedded into a statute governing high-pressure face-to-face sales should not apply to an online-only process.Still, it had no good arguments to bypass the statute’s plain language.In addition, the customer is required to submit a contract cancellation request in writing, either by writing a cancellation letter or submitting a contract cancellation form supplied at the time of purchase.The business must comply with FTC requirements to avoid potential legal issues.

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