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” Though Jack was later flummoxed to find out that Allison did not realize it was a date and when Jack asked her why she thought Charles‘ invitation to dinner was a date, but not when he asked her. ” Allison said, “(A) You’ve never asked me for a date [and] (B) you kissed me and acted like it never happen — I know you had to come back to Tess, but seriously, it’s been over a month.” But hearing the one thing that made all the difference, Jack smiled and said, “Hold, hold on. ” Allison‘s answering grin and her flippant response, “It’s been over 60 years, I don’t know. ” was music to Jack’s ears as he exclaimed, “You thought about it!” Later when Jack asked her, “Zoe says if it starts in the friend-zone, it should just stay in the friend-zone, do you think that’s right?Derek Thurgood (John Reardon) sprayed on the dig site to falsify the carbon dating of the bone fragment he planted there.It was fitting that he became the first victim of his own shenanigans, but unfortunate that Zoe and some other innocent bystanders got caught up in it too.He knows that after 4 years, if he sits by and does nothing, losing Allison to another man again will hurt too much. Between sweeping Allison off her feet and hovering over Zoe like the protective father he is, this was a night for Jack Carter fans.

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Alas, solving their romantic problems was not so easy. The real problem was whether one should stick with a safe, but dull guy versus risking love with someone new and exciting. Fortunately for Jack, Allison was willing to stick with tried and true.

He enchanted the fans, just as much as Henry delighted Grace.

She was clearly touched by his ability to still surprise her.

Charles Grant (James Callis) may be the new guy and he is exciting on the surface, but Jack is definitely the tortoise in this race with Charles’ “hare” routine. It remains to be seen if Zoe and Grace’s choices will be as satisfying.

First of all, the “Doctor Who” shout-out was AWESOME!

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