Dating demystified

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Being Indian, my parents-in-law largely wondered what kind of a family I came from (this is HUGE IN India).

It was not enough that they liked me, no-my family was of great importance as well.

However, my husband’s parents who are in their sixties met and fell in love and chose to get married to each other.

I guess they are pioneers of a kind because I do not know couples of that age who did not have an arranged marriage.

This presentation introduces the Crosscutting Concepts (CCCs) and their rationale through a story about research done with expert and novice chess players.

The results of the research points to fundamental differences in how these two groups organize information.

Of course in the beginning, I thought I would return back to Kenya and this romance would be a wild youthful adventurous past.

To those asking me whether we were chaperoned, no we were not.

Of course they broke up, but it was clear- you do not date Indians-at least in Nairobi, unless of course you were Indian.

Fast forward to just a year after graduating and I was living in India and had met my husband.

’ I think from that conversation you can tell just how dramatically this muhindi affected me. However, we had both heard of each other (there is a bit of a long story there which may be written one day).

Dating in India is same as dating in Nairobi or in most of the places in the world.

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