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We’ve talked in the past about how ensuring the data you have is accurate and current is critical.

The reality is that if you are unaware of how to leverage that data for your benefit – you can essentially go on a series of “bad dates” with your results. She is now happily married and has a daughter, named after the place where her husband proposed.

Being able to access a database full of people looking for love does not mean that you will immediately find that “special someone” easily.

Similarly, having access to Big Data for your business will not immediately equal success.

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Was it because my mom said that people were intimidated of me?Campus is filled with heart-shaped decorations and roses as students look forward to celebrating the day with their significant others and friends.This week, some students may find themselves without a significant other to drown in affection.Because as it turns out – it’s hard to have a relationship where God isn’t in the middle. You go through the motions…take the pictures…yet that fairytale ending isn’t playing out like you thought it would.You turn to each other to find validation, security, guidance, love, acceptance….except fall short and feel empty every. When Connor and I had our FBI interrogation of each other – this was one of the things that was brought up. We discussed what our definitions of having a Christ centered relationship were as well as what we personally thought that kind of relationship looked like.

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